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Opening April 2018

Today, local communities can be in direct contact with the rest of the world.

The University of Nagano (tentative name) is being established to become a center of knowledge for acquiring a global perspective and advanced practical expertise sought after in today’s society.
Just as water from a spring becomes a river which leaves an impact as it twists and turns on the way to the ocean, the University of Nagano will nurture people who have a wide perspective from which to solve problems, support their region, and lead on the global stage.


  • Kunitake Ando

    Designated Chairman
    Advisor, Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

    Kunitake Ando

    The University of Nagano aims to be an open institution that develops energetic people with diverse values, a global perspective and an entrepreneurial spirit.
    The Silicon Valley in the United States is a source of a constant stream of new industries. The background to this is attributed to university faculty who actively provide their support for various start-ups, as well as students with grand ambitions of bringing change to the world to take on new challenges. I also want to develop a framework where new industries and innovations might be born through the concerted efforts of the University of Nagano with private businesses, local government bodies, financial institutions and other organizations.

  • Masumi Kindaichi

    Designated President
    Professor Emeritus, Keio University

    Masumi Kindaichi

    The goal of the University of Nagano is to become a university for cultivating leaders with a global outlook capable of contributing to the region.
    All students will stay at the dormitory in their first year, and participate in short-term training as part of an “Overseas Program” in their second year.
    The university embraces dialog, much like at Plato’s ancient Academy with seminars for special subjects, and small classes that ensure each and every student learns the true value of life. I warmly welcome all young students from Nagano Prefecture, Japan and overseas, to the tranquil surroundings of the University of Nagano to discuss a broad range of topics as they work to bring their dreams to life.

  • Shuichi Abe

    Nagano Prefecture Governor

    Shuichi Abe

    Now people have more diverse values. Globalization impacts tourism and manufacturing industries, agriculture, and the arts.
    The University of Nagano is committed to training people with a global outlook, capable of innovation. Nagano Prefecture has long been considered a region that values education.
    Citizens of all ages are known for their love of reading in their pursuit of knowledge. I hope to apply this notion to make Nagano Prefecture a ‘prefecture of learning.’ The University of Nagano cherishes independent thinking, so I look forward to the University of Nagano becoming a symbol of Nagano, the prefecture of learning.

Educational Objectives

4 Core Values

Now, local regions connect directly with the rest of the world. The University of Nagano will train students to examine local communities from a larger, global framework, and apply their fresh and vibrant ideas to develop new industries and rich, creative lifestyles.

We have now reached a point in time, where people are demanding reforms in society. The University of Nagano will focus on teaching students the skills to bring about innovation in society, the region and industry, and imagine the future.

Students will relate to other students, faculty and people around the world. The University will nurture the ability to understand and communicate with people of different values and ways of thinking so that students can play a key role in connecting the community and businesses.

Education will be based on a selection of the finest teaching capabilities, including among many others the skills for living a good life, and education for future career. The University of Nagano will fulfill its role as a center of knowledge, and serve as the foundation for developing a vibrant lifestyle, culture and industry.

Faculty and Department Organization (240 students)

Faculty Name Department Name Outline (Course, Training Course) Students
Faculty of Global Management Studies Department of Global Management Studies Global Business Course
Entrepreneurship Course
Public Management Course
170 students
Faculty of Health and Human Development Department of Food and Health Sciences Registered dietician, Nutrition Development and Training Course 30 students
Department of Child Development and Education Nursery school teacher, Kindergarten Development and Training Course 40 students


Construction plan

Miwa Campus

8-49-7, Miwa, Nagano City (location of Nagano Prefectural College)


From JR Nagano Station ride the Nagano Dentetsu Railway to Hongo Station (6 minutes), then walk 10 minutes to Miwa Campus.

Ride the Nagaden Bus and get off at “Joyama Danchi” (15 to 20 minutes) then walk 5 minutes to Miwa Campus.

Gocho Campus, Zozan Dormitory

614-1 Nishigocho, Nagano City


From JR Nagano Station ride the Nagano Dentetsu Railway (3 minutes) to Gondo Station get off and walk 8 minutes to Zozan Dormitory.

From JR Nagano Station ride the “Gururin-go” Nagano City shuttle bus to “Gondo iriguchi” (5 minutes) and walk 2 minutes to Zozan Dormitory.

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